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 "I see that it is by no means useless to travel, if a man wants to see     something new”― Jules Vern


Give a Dog a Smile 

Get in GEAR with Give a Dog a Smile Ltd (part of the GDSbh Free Enterprise CIC Ltd  Group).



Give a Dog a Smile is not our business, it's rightful owner is Benji Bansal.

He only lent us two years of his wonderful life. Born a Shih Tzu, joined our family 12 weeks after his birth.

He chose us to be his family and for that we're ever grateful. 

Benji didn't say much but silently sat by me he taught me more lessons than I ever learnt from reading over one thousand academic books and change my outlook on life for the rest of my life FOREVER.

Spent 2 years with us of a short life. 

In Loving Memory of Benji Bansal Benji Bansal, Shih Tzu Inspired by my BEST FRIEND 

We will NEVER FORGET YOU, because youre still with us.



Here comes Harley ...

These day's  it's HARLEY BANSAL, his smaller brother who provides all the canine caoers and adventures and is the HIGH SPIRIT and attention seeker at our home.





GIVE e're a UK registered Community Interest Company with the sole aim of sharing at least 25% of ALL PROFITS for the creating events and experiences to enrich the lives of both you and you're unforgettable canine companion.

At our inner core, we believe, and feel the same as YOU DO too ... that is, that you're pooch in INTEGRATED FAMILY MEMBER & the very thought of leaving them at some dog shelter, an unwilling neighbour or outrageously priced Kennel hotel is inconceivable, and rather you would wish to create shared memories with you're canine travel companion and deliver back UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.





Our 2024 Spring/Summer Collection

Delve into  personal favorites, including dog adventure accessories, dog travel safety equipment, dog clothing, dog smart gadgets, and UK's finest dog-friendly accommodation

Whether it's hiking, camping, mountaineering, aquatic voyages, or aerial exploits, our comprehensive selection caters to both your faithful hound and yourself, the intrepid adventurer.

We extend a warm invitation to explore our complete range of offerings and exclusive benefits for esteemed members.

Join us in seizing these exhilarating resources for unforgettable escapades with your beloved furry friend.

A FINAL WORD, never forge that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.



 Phileas Dog

About Give a Dog a Smile 

Get in GEAR with Give a Dog a Smile Ltd (part of the GDSbh Free Enterprise CIC Ltd  Group) established 2021 in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom as a Social Enterprise.

If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals - Albert Einstein




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Registered Office:

GDSbh Free Enterprise CIC Limited

19 Castlecroft House,  Castlecroft Road, Wolverhampton,  South Staffordshire  WV3 8NA 

Company Registration Number: 15178368