WE love all dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, old dogs, fluffy dogs and grumpy dogs.
Whatever, size, name, nickname, breed, origin and colour they shine on - they’re part of the GIVEADOGASMILE.COM family. We know you adore you’re canine companions like no other.This is the thing about dogs. They make our lives worth it.They encourage you to be more mindful of the present.If you were to ask any dog owner why they love their dog so much, they would probably say“I don’t know, I just do!” Dog owners have a close deep bond with their pups which can’t be compared to any human relationship.However, here are some of the reasons we believe humans love dogs so much.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?

Yes, we offer a wide range of accessories designed to fit various dog breeds and sizes. Each product description includes specific sizing information to help you choose the right option for your furry friend.

What if I receive a damaged or defective item?

If your item arrives damaged or defective, please contact our customer support within 7 days of receiving your order. We will guide you through the return and replacement process to ensure your satisfaction.

Can I cancel or modify my order after it's been placed?

We strive to process orders promptly, but if you need to make changes or cancel, please contact us as soon as possible. Once an order is shipped, modifications may not be possible. Our team will assist you based on the current status of your order.

How do I determine the right size for my dog's accessories?

To ensure a proper fit, refer to our sizing guide available on each product page. Measure your dog's neck, chest, and length according to the instructions provided. If you're still unsure, feel free to contact our customer support for personalized assistance.

Dogs are Pawsome!

At the end of the day, the reason we love dogs so much is that they are totally awesome! They bring so much joy to our lives, whether that is by providing companionship or making us happier and healthier. So, we can conclude that we love dogs so much because they love us so much.They are the perfect companion in an imperfect world. They do not judge us for our flaws but simply love us, for us, this is true friendship.